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“2nd guest lecture report - Mr. Dinchu Oommen"

Corporate Affairs Outreach and Placement Committee organized a Guest Lecture on “Corporate Law and Governance in India” on October 5, 2019Mr. Dinchu Oommen, Country Legal Counsel, Johnson Controls, Indiagraced the session as Guest speaker for the day. 

The lecture started with a morale boost from Mr. Oommen who guided us on the moral aspect of becoming a lawyer. Through his practical experience, he told us about the dynamic world and how lawyers are the ones who know everything that goes on in the entire world. Then he told us about the difference between a desk lawyer and a growth lawyer and how being a growth lawyer has become much more important with the changing times.

Then, the students were addressed by Ms. Renu Goel, Company Secretary who accompanied Mr. Oommen for the guest lecture on the technical aspect of the Corporate Governance. 

Corporate Governance refers to the way a corporation is governed. Its fundamental objective is to enhance shareholders’ value and protect the interests of other stakeholders. Further, Corporate Governance stands on four pillars that are accountability, fairness, transparency and responsibility.

Then, she briefed us about the major trends and challenges faced by the corporates and how corporate governance can play a major role in all of them. Then she talked about why corporate governance is important for various reasons which mainly include for better external finance, improving company’s performance and reduced risks of corporate crisis.

To conclude, it was a very informative session which provided us with profound insights on the need of corporate governance in the companies not only from the point of view of the corporates but also through the eyes of a stakeholder and employee of that company. 

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