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1st to 6th Aug, 2016

Bangalore is not a new city for me. Most of our family vacations always end up in this garden city. This place had always gifted and taught me new lessons and experiences. But this time it was something different. Like everyone else I too was excited for my college life. Our orientation was supposed to start in the first week of August. On 31st of July we departed from our hometown. The drive through small villages and roads were the best part of the journey. Moreover, after a long time I got to spend a lot of time with my parents. As both of them are working we rarely used to have a family time together. After a long journey of 8 hours, we finally reached the Silicon Valley. It was early in the morning where the dark clouds covered the rising sky. The weather in Bangalore was and is always awesome.

August 1st or officially the first day of our college, where all of us were dressed up in law attire for a new beginning. Our Principal Dr. BS Venugopal addressed the parents and students followed by a key note by Prof. Lakshmi Narayan (Controller of Academic Governance). He spoke about the importance of our parents and the struggle they take up to make us happy. He referred their struggle and love as Punya. After the batch inauguration and lunch we had the Ice Breaker session with seniors who helped us to interact and know the talents of each other. The second day we had briefing on rules of hostel, Law library, IT/ tech. We also had a training session on using Manupatra and Westlaw. The day ended with a presentation on the Personality Enhancement Programme (PEP) which is one of the best course provided by our college. On August 3rd, Wednesday we had the official inaugural ceremony. Ms. Inderpreet Sawhney, the Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Wipro Ltd inaugurated our batch of 2016-2021 officially by lighting the lamp. It was then followed by a question and answer session with her. The 4th day, Dr Vishnu Prasad, the Assistant Professor of National Law School of India University visited us. He spoke on “Laying the Groundwork for a Career in Academia” followed by a question and answer session. It helped us in exploring more about law and the various career opportunities it provide. After lunch we had sessions on Parliamentary Debating by Mr. Rahul Seth. The second last day of our orientation week, we visited the High Court of Karnataka. It was then we came to know how the actual system of justice works. Most of us were not from law background, so we learnt lot things which fascinated and enhanced our knowledge. The last day of orientation was the favorite of all. For me it was completely a new experience. I have never been for a trekking and never thought that this could be so much fun and adventurous. All of us including our seniors climbed up the Shiv Gange. Initially I found it really difficult. But as soon as I started to reach the heights, an aim took inside me to reach the top. After 3 hours of pain and gain we made it to the top. The air was so new and cool over there. It took away the board exam exhaustions and homesickness. The soul got refreshed and prepared ourselves mentally and physically for a new journey.

The orientation week organized by our faculty and seniors literally helped us a lot. Within a week they tried their best to provide an overview of the course which we opted. Everyone should have supporting and cooperative seniors like us. Our mentors always encourage us to work hard and make use of each and every opportunity. This builds a confidence in us and makes us believe yes we too can do something. We are learning, making mistakes, correcting them and moreover making memories and living the moments of this beautiful journey.


Ms. Inderpreet Sawhney

Ms. Inderpreet Sawhney, the Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Wipro Ltd

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