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Established in 2014 and based out of the silicon valley of India, today the IFIM Law School is recognized as the 2nd most outstanding Law School of Excellence by the Global Human Resource Development Centre (GHRDC) survey, 2021 and 9th Best Private Law School in India by Outlook Magazine Ranking 2021. IFIM aims to impart quality legal education using its delivery model, #SMARTLawyer, executed by a meritorious team of faculty. The faculty is embedded with academicians who hail from reputed law schools including the University of East Anglia, University of London, Queens Mary USA, University of Toronto, Indiana University USA, and many others from around the world. They bring with them not only their remarkable research and extensive experience in the industry but also a much-required global approach in the field of Law.

As Internalisation is becoming a norm, IFIM signed a pathbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Texas A&M University, USA and ISDE Law School, Spain to grant its students an exceptional opportunity for international learning and problem-solving. This sets the tone for a future of healthy collaboration between IFIM Law School and leading universities around the world.

The unique strengths of IFIM Law School are its Research Centric approach, Corporate Mentorship, Social Immersion Program, Personality Enhancement Program, and International Collaborations. IFIM brings together exceptionally talented people from diverse backgrounds and ideologies, who are ambitious and bring innovative methodologies and perspectives to the table. Whoever you are, whatever you do, however you do it, if merit and innovation are what drives you then the IFIM Law School is the journey for your destination.

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