Strengthening the Alumni network is one of the most valuable contributions a student makes by attending IFIM Law College.

The Alumni network is aided and promoted by the need to remain connected, promote professional interest, share experiences and further the institutional values of IFIM Law College.

Institutional Equity cannot be taken for granted for it is not given - it has to be painstakingly, acquired over time by mutuality of interest and commitment and nurtured by one’s actions. Reciprocity is the real learning. Assisting and promoting the other alumni is the best return to the Alma Mater and the most valued and enjoyable experience. Advantages and opportunities that otherwise would not be available to enrich and deepen one’s professional life can be easily made available through the network.

IFIM takes keen interest in connecting to its alumni which is the actual reflection of its own endeavours. It has people from all streams starting from academicians to entrepreneurs to its credit. They are more than willing to offer guidance and support to the existing students with respect to career guidance and to excel in various fields. We feel proud in cognizing the element of connection of alumni with the existing students. IFIM hosts a platform for the alumni to relinquish their inhibitions and grow deep to explore their potentials. IFIM leaves no stone unturned in supporting its alumni to blossom to its best. For registration contact:

AGM 2021 Report

Alumni Association Executive Committee Members 2019-2022

Mr. Mithun Appaiah
(CEO - Innovative Foods ltd, Sumeru)

Mr. Manoj Pareek
(Business Head - Sri Balaji Marketing)

Ms. Namrata Ghatage
(Financial System - FP&A-Diageo)

Mr. Keshav R. Pai
(Deputy General Manager - Ziox Mobiles)

Top 40 CMOs in India

Congratulations Pawan Sarda one of our very known distinguished Alumni if IFIM, for being named as one of the Top 40 CMOs in India.

Pawan Sarda is a generous individual to know. He is the Chief Marketing Officer at Future Group India and also can detect the right minutes and make them advantageous for him at work. An especially engaged and serious person who is arranged constantly to help others. - says Shishir Gupta - Founder and CEO of

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