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2nd Annual LSAC Global Deans’ RoundTable conference

We take pride in announcing that Prof. Padmanabha Ramanujam, Dean of IFIM Law School, Bangalore will be participating in the 2nd Annual LSAC Global Deans’ RoundTable conference.

The roundtable aims at engaging in a meaningful dialogue between the Indian and the US law schools to exchange best practices, identify areas of mutual interest for collaboration, and create a framework for future dialogue. It will explore the impact and implications of the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) on the future of Indian legal education.

The roundtable will further engage in deliberations on finding collaborative opportunities with foreign universities in order to implement better academic standards. This agenda is consistent with the NEP2020 which encourages internationalization by permitting top-rated global universities to operate in India and encouraging top Indian universities to set up campuses in other nations.

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