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The flagship event of IFIM Law School is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Competition. It is a combination of Negotiation and Mediation activity. CONCORDAT (Neg-Med Competition) aims at providing an avenue where students can experience two different forms of dispute resolution together.

Competition’s objective is to sharpen students legal, negotiation and intellectual skills. In the First two rounds of the competition the participants undergo a brainstorming exercise and use their negotiation skills to the fullest whereas in the last two rounds of the competition, their mediation skills is put on test. Entire competition is based on deal, whose different facets evolve and intricacies increases with each passing round

Winners get a lucrative cash prize, trophy and an internship in a law firm but a surprising catch of the competition is a theme party on the first day of the event.

CONCORDAT 2019 (First Edition)-

“CONCORDAT 2019”was organised on 7th-8th September 2019.
Here’s a quick look at the competition:

Day- 1

National Deal Negotiation-Mediation Competition on 7th September 2019 was inaugurated by Hon’ble Justice P.S. Dinesh Kumar, Judge, High Court of Karnataka and Mr. B.C. Thiruvengadam, Managing Partner Thiru & Thiru. Mr. Thiruvengadam also offered internship to the winners of the competition.


Hon’ble Justice P.S. Dinesh Kumar, Judge, High Court of Karnataka-

Narrated the Mahabharata’s verses and emphasized on the fact that Negotiation and Mediation are not the new age tools for settlement of the dispute but are existing since ancient times. According to him unfortunately in the mid-way of our process of evolution, we forgot these alternative tool of dispute settlement and urged students to learn and take these tools ahead for future generation – peaceful settlement of dispute.

Mr. B.C. Thiruvengadam (Managing Partner Thiru & Thiru Law Firm and Founder of Bangalore International Mediation Arbitration and Conciliation Centre)-

Mr. Thiruvengadam interestingly quoted that docket explosion in Indian Court is a myth, it is docket of exclusion.
According to him only 9% cases come to lawyers for litigation; rest either give up or use other formal or informal means to settle. Mediation and negotiation is the need of the hour and answer to the current society’s issue.
He even explained the students, the difference about between Bargaining, Negotiation and Mediation. BIMACC being our knowledge partner, Mr. Thiruvengadam took a small informative session on the concepts of Mediation like BATNA, WATNA, importance of strategy paper , positional bargaining, right based bargaining which was quite useful to the participants.
After the inaugural ceremony, series of competitive rounds started.
16 Teams, 48 Participants from different parts of the India participated in the competition. Entire Competition was judged by the diverse panel of judges consisting of International Arbitrator, General Counsel of Companies, Mediator, Advocates, Judges, Academician and Associate from various Law Firms.
Preliminary rounds and Quarter Final Rounds took place on the first day. All the rounds witnessed some serious intellectual and factual arguments.
Competition had a balance of twisting proposition and knock-out round hurdle as well as fun in the form of Halloween Party in the evening on the first day.


The second day, 8th September 2019 started with Semi-Final rounds. Four teams had qualified for the Semis, followed by the Finals which was judged by an illustrious Panel of judges: Hon’ble Justice H.B. Prabhakara Sastry, Judge, High Court of Karnataka, Mr. Inbavijiyan Veeraraghavan, International Arbitrator and Mediator, Kove Global LL. P and Mr. Manik B.T Associate Partner Thiru & Thiru Law Firm.


Mr. Inbavijiyan Veeraraghavan, (International Arbitrator and Mediator, Kove Global LL. P)

Mr. Inbavijiyan started his speech by stating Singapore Mediation Convention and congratulated everyone, as India taken a great leap towards the growth of Mediation in India.
He discussed about the Mediation Law proposed in India and informed student about the post law implementation impact in the legal fraternity. He urged students to learn alternative dispute resolution mechanisms as those are the future according to him.
Hon’ble Justice H.B. Prabhakara Sastry, Judge, High Court of Karnataka

He emphasized on the importance of being a lawyer for humans and individuals rather than running behind corporates. He enumerated the importance of being social lawyer, helping poor and needy people.
His contention was that mediation is his passion because he can serve society through it in quicker and cheaper form. In the similar way he wants all the students to not think law as an opportunity to mint money but to see it as door to serve the nation. Mediation Centres of Karnataka High Court, he quoted are serving in a very minimal charges and are providing settlement effectively.
Justice Sastry said Mediation Centres need people with legal knowledge and empathy and law schools should produce lawyers like that. He congratulated the law school for organising this competition and suggested to take up community issues as well. He even appreciated two days rigorous efforts of the participants and congratulated all of them for putting their best foot forward.


Finally, by the end of the second day, JSS Law School Mysuru emerged as Winners of the Competition and received Rs. 10,000 as cash prize along with the internship and trophy. Punjab University, Chandigarh were the Runners Up and Mr. Krishna Keerthana S from Kristu Jayanti College was awarded Best Negotiator Award

Feedback of both Participants and Judges was overwhelming and appreciated the unique format of competition.



1. Ms. Sharda Havnur (Mediator)-
She was satisfied with the kind of briefing given to the judges, explaining the details and intricacies of mediation and negotiation as well as of proposition. Ms. Havnur stated that she was overwhelmed with the hospitality and efforts of the student and believes that competition like this gives exposure to the students to learn mediation in a very early stage

2. Dr. Anita Patil (Assistant Professor, NLSIU Bangalore)-
She appreciated the concept of the competition and said Negotiation and Mediation Training for all the stake holders should be organized to create awareness about the same.

3. Mr. Arijeet Nandi (Associate, Lakshmi Kumaran and Sridharan)-
Proposition of the competition was very ideal as the investment deals have now become an everyday proposition.


1.Bhairavi S N (Participant)-
According to her judges of the competition were quite knowledgeable and new -innovative concept of the event gave the opportunity to learn something new. We got our concepts cleared about mediation and various errors were rectified.
2. Anushka Thakur (Participant)-
She appreciated the arrangement, hospitality provided by Law School. Proposition for the competition as per her was really intriguing and catchy, which helped them to understand the various facets of investment and law.
3. Jopsy Else George (Participant)-
She appreciated the uniqueness of program. According to her the entire competition was intellectually storming and more than a competition it was a fun based learning for her. LEARNING BY DOING.

After such an encouraging comments and appreciation, IFIM Law School is eager to introduce CONCORDAT 2020 next year in more grand, effective and successful way and aims to spread awareness regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution in a more creative way.

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