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Commemoration of the enforcement of the Consumer Protection Act 2019

Webinar: Jointly organized by Chair on Consumer Law and Practice, National Law School of India University and Centre of Consumer Law, IFIM Law School.  

The spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid19) has taken a toll on consumer behaviour. It has compelled consumers to fall for digital marketing. However incessant flourishment of digital marketing has led to a rampant increase in scams & frauds specifically charity scams, phishings cams, fraudulent websites, fake mobile apps, and supplier scams including price gauging in health and scams relating to #refund. During the grapples of COVID-19, India has given more importance to the protection of the consumer in means of maintenance of distance by providing Access to Justice at the doorstep in the means of enacting Consumer Protection Act, 2019 which came into force on 20th July 2020. The Act expressly empowers the consumer to file a complaint electronically and also empowered the Consumer Commission to hear the matter through video conferencing. Further inclusion of provision of product liability, ecommerce, the establishment of Central Consumer Protection Authority, and Mediation strengthened the protection of Consumer Rights. The webinar is organized to commemorate the enforcement of the CPA2019.

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