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A Delta lawyer adopts an interdisciplinary approach in legal practice based on the integration of 21st Century skills. A professional who identifies issues and deliberates using technology and management skills along with the skill of emotional intelligence while communicating with people. The Delta Lawyer V-blog aims to build four strong foundations which are observation, articulation, communication, and writing to nurture efficient law students and delta lawyers.

Blogging and vlogging allow students to share their opinion and continuously connect with a wide audience which enhances students’ foundational skills. The objectives are to inculcate in students the idea of creating and writing original interdisciplinary content; to work together in enhancing foundational skills and to promote the culture of writing, reading, and deliberating on it. The themes for the V-blog are based on the PPP model illustrated below.

Delta Lawyer V-blog is an initiative by the IFIM Law School to nurture the delta lawyers, encourage intellectual deliberation among students with the global law fraternity on the issue and concerns raised in the article that will open possibilities for collaborative learning and research. The themes curated for the V-blog is liberal to bring together the people’s experience with the law as an appreciation, criticism, or a way forward. In brief, the V-blog invites the law fraternity to contribute their experience with law.

Delta Lawyer PPP Model

People: Learning through reflections by sharing the experiences being at law school and evolving with law

Process: Experiencing law from classroom to industry with academic tours and simplifying legal aspects

Practice: Integrating 21st Century Skills through 5 unique interventions of Research Incubation, Personality Enhancement Program, Mentorship Program, New Age Law Courses & Industry Internship Program.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions can be made from 1st to 5th of every month by 3 PM.
  • Five blogs and two vlogs a month will be considered for publishing
  • Article word limit 500-800, Font Time New Roman, Size 12
  • Video time limit 15 minutes, high quality
  • Blog coordinators will provide a response on acceptance and improvement within 5 working days.
  • Submission should be made via email with the subject Submission & Type (Blog or Vlog).
  • The submission email should include a short bio and a passport size photo of the author.
  • For submission and further clarifications, write to

Delta Lawyer Faculty Board Members

Prof. Mukul Rani
Law Faculty at IFIM Law School

Prof. Mukul Rani Parajuli is an enthusiastic academician who learns from people around her. She developed an interest in law when she started reading, writing, and logically interpreting the law with an interdisciplinary approach. Prof. Mukul with her experiences in the law fraternity says that in order to achieve delta lawyer competencies, one should be aware of their Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats (SWOT) which helps to face the challenges in life which teach and test your competencies     

Prof. Bob Nathanael
English Faculty at IFIM Law School

Prof. Bob Nathanael is a seasoned professional in the education and training industry with a decade of rich experience in teaching individuals from around the globe. Prof. Nathanael has a knack for teaching and supporting students in the learning journey by honing their skills according to the industry demands. During his leisure, Prof. Nathanael is seen in his study room reading books in the extensive field of the Humanities such as Literature, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, and Sociology. He pens poems for his blog and continues to exercise his thought process by writing quotes of his own.

Delta Lawyer Student Editors

Ms. Neha Mary Bipin

Neha Mary Bipin, a 2nd year law student enjoys debating, public speaking and writing. She believes writing is all about using one's creativity to express themselves where one learns and teaches at the same time. Choosing law was one of the only few best decisions she has made in life. Law and writing are cousins as future lawyers got to polish their writing styles. Neha prefers writing over coffee and is all set to be creative being in Delta Lawyer V-blog.

Ms. Shinjinee Namhata

Shinjinee Namhata, a third-year law student, has developed her passion for research and writing since school days. Her interest further advanced to take up law for higher studies. She believes that writing skills is one of the most essentials to become a successful lawyer. Shinjinee enjoys spending time writing on topics which interest her and aims to publish them. Working with various notable law journals helped boosting her knowledge and skills to a great extent. Shinjinee has the zeal to learn and always aims to give her best through Delta Lawyer V-Blog.

Ms. Samya Dwvedi

Samya Dwvedi is 3rd year BBA LLB student at IFIM LAW SCHOOL, Bengaluru. She is interested in criminal law and criminal psychology. She chose law to able to provide justice to at least a portion of people around her. Being an introvert, she finds it difficult to communicate with people and lacks the confidence to share her thoughts. Through Delta Lawyer V-blog, she hopes to communicate her thoughts and ideas to people and understand their opinion about the same.

Ms. Suvarna Pradeep Powar

Suvarna Pradeep Powar, a 3rd year BBALLB student, believes that as a law student one of the most important skill required is writing skills. Writing is Suvarna’s armour where she can express herself through it. She says: “Where nothing works, a write up could do it's magic.” Delta Lawyer V-blog will enable her to exhibit and enhance for research and writing aptitude.

Mr. Nimit Jain

Nimit Jain is pursuing his 3rd year BBA.LLB in IFIM Law School, Bangalore. He wants to specialize in the field corporate law and aims to start his own law firm. Researching and writing about his experiences has always caught his interest. So here he is writing about his experience and research and telling it to people through the medium of Delta Lawyer V-blog for IFIM Law School.

Ms. Urrvi Chawla

Urrvi Chawla, a third-year law student, holds a strapping belief that the ability to imagine things pervades our entire existence. She involves in the idea of how blogs are the essence of today’s youth, how the people around inspire her and how she wants to inspire people through her blogs. She is a quick learner and aims at being successful in all the spheres.

Ms. Poorvi Gyanchandani

Poorvi Gyanchandani is pursuing an integrated degree in BBA.LLB from IFIM LAW SCHOOL, Bengaluru. Poorvi’s law school journey in these three years have been a fun roller-coaster ride where she likes to research about new topics and jot them to be more expressive. Writing is an integral part of an individual’s life. For her writing is knowing her emotions and mind better. Poorvi’s other areas of interest apart from researching and writing is to read a lot of fiction and indulge herself in Singing and hosting college events.

Ms. Aditi Narayan

Aditi Narayan is pursuing her 3rd year in BBA-LLB at IFIM Law School, Bangalore. Being the youngest in her family, her knack for vindication developed pretty young, hence, she chose law. She is interested in International Human Rights Law and dreams to talk about it in the United Nations one day. She loves reading and writing fiction to create her own world of fantasy. Through Delta Lawyer V-blog she wants to become the voice that must be heard.

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