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For some, their stories start at the beginning," but at IFIM Law School story starts here: DeltaLawyers!

In 1987, Professor N. R. Madhava Menon pioneered the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) in Bengaluru with the goal of creating lawyers as socialengineers . This marked a shift from the traditional three-year lawcourse ; a shift which today would be seen as one from the ‘I-shaped model’ to the ‘T-shaped model’. Unfortunately, however, to shape lawyers as social engineers it is become imperative to build further on the TShapedModel .

Enter the Delta Model

The Delta Model modifies the ‘T’ to encompass the aspects of the Practice , the Process, and the additional People competencies and internationalisation of the field such as emotionalintelligence, global competency skills, problemsolving , communication etc. Join Prof. Padmanabha Ramanujam , Dean, IFIM Law School for a virtual cup of coffee and get insights into why lawschools should embrace internationalisation and why it is necessary for a potential lawyer to have such skills!

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