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Guest lecture by Tanuj Kalia

23rd & 24th Aug, 2016

Lawoctopus is one of the best and widely used legal website in the country today. Lucky were we that we had the honour and privilege of meeting and interacting with the Founder of Lawoctopus personally. Tanuj Kalia, founder of Lawoctopus had an interactive session with us quite recently.

He started off by telling us about the types and importance of internships that we’d go through in 5 years. According to him we should not focus on just one area of legal profession but expose ourselves to all the dimensions of law, starting from an NGO to a District Court to High Court/ Supreme Court. Not just these but in legal firms as well. This would help us not only learn the various aspects of law but find where our interest lies. Also, the importance of the hierarchy of a legal career. The experience of an internship could change our views and interests in areas of law (e.g., from corporate to litigation).

He also discussed with us the idea of a start-up. Mr. Kalia started Lawoctopus in his third year of law school. After going through the various bumps and hurdles, Lawoctopus, today has become one of the best legal websites in the country with a viewership of more than 1.5 million students. Further he told us the dos and don’ts of starting a star-up; how we could go about it, followed by how we could let grow it into a big venture.

We can’t thank him enough for the great thoughts that he shared with us. It was a pleasure hearing him talk. It was a knowledgeable insight into law.

Tanuj Kalia

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