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Harsh VardhanChandola


Harsh Vardhan Chandola

Harsh Vardhan Chandola is a lawyer and an economist by training and has practiced intellectual property law since 2004 and worked with intellectual property firms in Delhi.

In 2008, Harsh was awarded the prestigious Fulbright scholarship to pursue Masters in Law in Intellectual Property from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA. After, completing 2 years of home residency in India as mandated by the Fulbright program, Harsh pursued European Masters in Law and Economics from University of Hamburg and Erasmus University Rotterdam on a generous award by Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.

Since, Jan 2014, Harsh has been mapping IP policy issues that have been afflicting India and founded iprpolicy.com in November 2014 to assist stakeholders on IP policy issues and create awareness about intellectual property and innovation at grassroots level in India.

Apart from intellectual property, Harsh is deeply interested in reviving organic farming in State of Uttarakhand and started a farming project in 2016 in gram sabha of village Chandola Raeen. After 3 years the project has achieved self-sustainability. Based on the farming experiences, Harsh is developing an organic farming economic model, which can be replicated in other parts of Uttarakhand.

Educational Qualification:
European Masters in Law & Economcis (2013), University of Hamburg & Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Masters in Law (LLM- Specialization in Intellectual Property) (2009), Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, United States
BALLB (Hons.) 2004, National Law Institute University Bhopal, India

Academic Awards
Recipient of 2012-13 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to pursue European Masters in Law and Economics.
Recipient of 2008-2009 Fulbright Case Fellowship in Law (Fulbright Foundation) to pursue Masters in Law in Intellectual Property from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Research Interest / Consulting Area:
Intellectual Property
Law & Economics
Early Stage Startups
Organic Farming

Corporate Work experience:
Advocate, High Court of Delhi
Lall & Sethi Advocates,New Delhi, India.
K&S Partners, Gurgoan, India.

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