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IFIM admits two IDIA scholars Mani and Anuradha on full scholarship to pursue the five-year integrated BB.A., LLB. program.

2017 is a fantastic year at IFIM as two IDIA scholars join the institute with full tuition fee waiver scholarship awarded by the Padode Foundation. Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA) a trust, established by Prof. Shamnad Basheer works towards empowering underprivileged students through legal education. The IDIA project was initiated to reach out to these marginalized and under-represented groups, sensitize them to law as a viable career option and help interested students acquire admission to these law schools. It is hoped that such access to legal education would go some way towards empowering the marginalized and underprivileged students and the communities that they represent. Padode Foundation run by the Padode Family offers scholarships to students who show commitment to social service and can be exemplary leaders in the future. Padode family expresses their happiness that the scholarships have been offered to the most deserving students. Dean Sirish Tamvada expresses his gratitude to both Padode Family and IDIA for making these scholarships happen and congratulates both Mani and Anuradha for securing the scholarship. IFIM law school is proud to associate with IDIA in their effort to social change and gladly announces the IDIA Chapter at the Law College wherein IFIM Law School will work collectively with IDIA team towards social change and in creating more awareness.

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