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BBA LLB (Full-time; Five years Integrated; Affiliated to KSLU and approved by BCI)
At IFIM Law School we have painstakingly created a curriculum that will educate students not only in law but prepare them for their legal careers. We believe in nurturing holistic, socially responsible and continuously employable legal professional. With interventions like Personality Enhancement Program, Research Incubation, Social Immersion Program, Industry Internship Programs amongst a few, we train our students and provide them with a platform to realize their potential. The specially designed program will help students to develop a deep understanding of the corporate world, equipping them to navigate the labyrinth of law. This amalgamation of distinct areas of study offers students a unique competitive advantage over their peers. Integrated courses are also hailed by recruiters and academicians alike for their ability to make students ‘industry-ready’. In keeping with IFIM’s unwavering focus on holistic development the BBA LLB program will be completed with relevant co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to enhance the overall development of every student studying here.

Why a BBA LLB program?
A BBA LLB program gives the students a unique understanding of businesses and their requirements. With subjects like Business Environment, Financial Accounting, etc. being imparted by the best faculty members of the Management School students learn the management perspective of a company. Combined with law they will understand the inner working of a company and will form a bridge between the legal and corporate world. This opens great career prospects in segments like banking, finance along with just conventional corporate jobs for our students.



LLB (Full time: Three years: Affiliated to KSLU and approved by BCI)
IFIM Law School offers three years LLB Program. This course can be pursued after finishing any graduation degree, from B.A., B.Sc., B.Ed. This course is a unique opportunity for most students to join a professional course. No other professional field allows for a transition into the filed after the under-graduation course is completed.

At IFIM, the emphasis is on providing our students with a more holistic educational experience. Students go through not just classroom teaching but they also learn how to The 3 Year LLB course is designed to nurture continuously employable and industry ready professionals.

The target by the end of the 3 years course is to make a student ready to take up areas which fits into their skill set such as Judiciary, Corporate, Banking, Litigation, Academics so on and so forth.


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