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BBA., LL.B (Full-time; Five years Integrated; Affiliated to KSLU and approved by BCI)
This is a prestigious offering/program of the IFIM group-a five year integrated course leading to the award of BBA., LL.B of Karnataka State Law University (KSLU). Recruiters tend to prefer an integrated five year program; experts in academia too believe that such a course will produce professionals who will be industry-ready to take up various challenges in an ever-evolving job market. The course has been devised and structured by KSLU.



LL. B (Full time: Three years: Affiliated to KSLU and approved by BCI)
LL. B (Full time: Three years: Affiliated to KSLU and approved by BCI) IFIM Law School takes pride to launch the 3 Year LL. B Program for the academic year 2019-2020. At IFIM, the emphasis is on providing our students with a more holistic educational experience. The 3 Year LL. B course is designed to nurture continuously employable professionals and industry ready. To achieve the goal the students in addition to attending the regular classes will be trained to develop their soft skills and research skills through Personality Enhancement Program (PEP) and Research Incubation (RI). Also, the Social Immersion Project (SIP) plunges the students in a real-life problem and overcome it in the best of the ability of the students. The target by the end of the 3 years course is to make a student ready to take up areas which fits into their skill set such as Judiciary, Corporate, Banking, Litigation, Academics so on and so forth.


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