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IFIM Law School- Lawyered Association!

IFIM Law School is happy to announce that IFIM Law School has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Lawyered.

Lawyered’s Student Discovery Platform is India’s first initiative to help young Law Students to get benefits of discoverability by showcasing their legal acumen right from the start of their academic journey.

Lawyered will be creating an intensive Internship and Job Screening Test along with Internship Training for the students to be industry-ready. This association will help the law school to create ample opportunities for the students to grab the best internship and placement offers available in the market. Apart from this, there will be special attention given to the legal aid cell by creating an active legal aid helpline number at IFIM Law School and having events for the legal aid cell along with training the students for pro bono legal aid work. Our students will also undergo moot court training sessions before the moot court competition that will be arranged by Lawyered. The association will also lead to the organization of faculty outreach sessions, practical training programs for students led by experts, and guest lecture series by Judges, General Counsels, Law Firms, and Industry Experts for our law students.

The association of IFIM Law School with Lawyered will give more opportunities to our students to develop and showcase their skills and chart their course for a successful professional career in law.

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