International Collaborations

International Collaborations

The pandemic has not stopped us from growing. The pandemic prevented our students to travel abroad for higher studies and specializations, so now, we are bringing the world to them!

The International Pathways brings to you the collaboration for 2021. IFIM Law School entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Texas A&M University School of Law, USA. This collaboration will offer new and exciting opportunities to students from thousands of miles away, right here at IFIM Law School! But we’re not going to stop here.

IFIM's International Collaboration with ISDE Law and Business School, Spain!

We are really glad to announce that IFIM Law School has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ISDE Law School, Spain. It's the start of a new academic phase, students will now get the

opportunity to go for foreign exchange programs and get global exposure. We aim to start the dual degree program BBA LLB and LL.M with ISDE. Even IFIM students aspiring to pursue master's programs abroad will get the tuition fees waiver in ISDE.

ISDE-IFIM Exchange Program

ISDE Law and Business School is an educational institution born from the heart of the Advocacy. In 1992, representatives of the main national and international law firms met to take the decision to create an academic institution focused on legal education at the highest level. A student exchange program was undertaken between IFIM and ISDE. Learners were exposed to European legal system and competition law nuances.

The program was aimed to allow students to explore business considerations within a broader perspective by including inputs from leading law practitioners in the field. More specifically, the program explained how to compete on the internal market and protect your brand. It included legal disciplines such as Competition law and specific branches within Public law, such as public procurement and state aid. It also gave insight about EU Institutions, treaties, and EU’s role & impact on global market. It

helped the students in better understanding of the concept of abuse of dominance, merger contract prevailing in EU. Thus, developing the student’s comparative legal understanding.

International Internship

IFIM Law School provides a global platform to students to secure international internship opportunities. In the competitive state of today’s job market, having global work experience under your belt is one of the very best things you can do for your prospective career. Inter-cultural communication and global work experience is a vital part of the modern professional world. Interning abroad is about learning beyond local work exposure. When you leave the comforts of your home and immerse yourself in a totally new environment, you broaden your horizons and learn to adopt to a multicultural environment. This global experience will pay off enormously during final job placement. While the developmental rewards of interning abroad are nearly insurmountable, the ultimate goal of an internship abroad is to generally help you in obtaining a job in the future in your field of choice. Your international internship experience will illustrate that you are passionate, driven, and not afraid to step outside your comfort zone, all qualities that will take you far in the professional world. IFIM has a tie up with AIESEC to enhance international internship opportunities for students.

International Internship Activities

The Center for Sports Law, Economics and Policy  and IFIM Law School, headed by Prof. Nishant Sheokand collaborated with Women's Land of Freedom-Rugby, Italy, founded by the former international Italian women's rugby player, Ms Erika Morri and Mr Leandro Conde. Ms. Taamara Rajeev, the student researcher for the Research Center at IFIM Law School, was selected for an International Internship program. This was in line with the vision of the Center, enabling and enhancing global collaborations in the fields of sports law, economics and public policy.

  • Our BBA LLB student Gugloth Sai Kiran got an opportunity to visit one of the leading international law firms HHP Law Firm in Jakarta, Indonesia, as a part of his International Internship. He interacted with a few attorneys on the topic 'medical malpractice & recalls it to be an enriching experience.

  • IFIM BBA LLB student Gugloth Sai Kiran shares his experiences from his International Internship in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he is participated in various social initiatives like attending training sessions for teaching children about general health issues to being out on the street raising funds on a car-free day for an orphanage.