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Research is central to the mission of IFIM Law School. It is the cornerstone of the continuing creation of the knowledge which is the foundation of all disciplines. It directly contributes to social well-being, health, culture, economic development, and the advancement of society. IFIM Law School aims to create and support a research culture for developing and promoting scientific temper and research aptitudes among its faculties and students. The cultivation of these values in the IFIM Law School is advanced by the ongoing education of its members in matters of research integrity with which research and all other activities relating to it is conducted.

Our research culture is effervescent and receptive. With our capacity, we pride ourselves that we strive to create interdisciplinary teams that can tackle important real-world encounters, and our researchers attempt to make a difference. We understand that exceptional results come from ethical and rigorous research. By supporting researchers to cross boundaries and take responsible risks, we enable breakthrough research that impacts the industry and communities.

Dean of IFIM Law School - Prof. Padmanabha Ramanujam

Padmanabha Ramanujam comes with extensive experience in the field of education with institutions like Jindal Global Law School and AURO University. He completed his LL.M. from University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK in Intellectual Property Rights. He received scholarships including the Norwich Law School Scholarship and won the Best International Applicant Award. He also has a Masters in Business Law from National Law School of India University. He completed his B.A.L., LLB from University Law College, Bangalore University.

He was a consulting advisor for Law School Admissions Council and was instrumental in designing 17 subject indicators to rate Universities and Colleges in India. He designed and developed of E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation (E-LEAD) indicators for assessing Universities commitment to e-learning. His extensive experience in academics includes working with organisations like AURO University and Jindal Global Law School.

He was among the scholars invited by the President of India to write a book on the Governance of Higher Education Institution which culminated in the book published by LexisNexis titled as “The President of India and the Governance of Higher Education Institutions". He specializes in law and economics, intellectual property law, competition law, economic analysis of tort law, and economic analysis of contract law.

Co-Chair: Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean (Research) - Prof. Ananyo Mitra

Mr. Ananyo Mitra is with IFIM Law School since July, 2019. He has completed his LL.M degree in Public International Law from Queen Mary, University of London (Batch of 2018) and his BBA LLB from School of Law, KIIT University (Batch of 2017). He has worked and interned in reputed research organizations, PSUs and law firms such as Indian Law Institute, The Indian Society of International Law (ISIL), Asian African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO), Coal India Ltd. & Fox & Mandal, Solicitors & Advocates, to name a few. He has a flair for writing, and has published articles and chapters in

various legal journals and books and teaches the course Research Incubation to promulgate academic research among students at the law school.

Research Interest: International Law, Environmental Law, International Humanitarian Law, Law of Treaties, Law of Crimes, Law of the Seas, Air & Space Law, Human Rights

Co-Chair: Assistant Professor – Prof. Aman Kumar

Aman did his LL.M. in International Law from the South Asian University, New Delhi. The title of his dissertation was "International Law and Legitimation of Colonialism: The Trial of Bahadur Shah Zafar and the Making of British India". He is interested in de-colonising international law. Currently, he is working on ‘Turn towards History of India and International Law’, ‘The 1857 ‘War’ between British and the Mughal Empire.

Co- Chair: Assistant Professor – Mukal Rani Parajuli

Ms. Mukul Rani Parajuli is a Law researcher and works in the field of Intellectual Property Law, Arbitration Law, Consumer Law, Law and economics and old laws of Sikkim. She has more than five publications published in peer reviewed journals and International Journals. Mukul has an academic qualification from Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School, China, Maurer School of Law, Indiana University, USA, Jindal Global Law School, O.P Jindal Global University, India and Sikkim Government Law College affiliated with University of North Bengal, India.

Co-Chair: Assistant Professor- Bob Nathanael

Mr. Bob Nathanael has taught English to students of various age groups and from a wide range of nationalities. He has also successfully prepared students for International English Proficiency Tests and his core responsibility is to enhance our students’ communication skills. He is also vital member of the Personality Enhancement Program (PEP) at IFIM. Mr. Nathanael completed his Master of Arts (English) from St Joseph’s Evening College, Bangalore University and his Bachelor of Arts (English) from Prananath College - Autonomous, Utkal University.

Research Associate and Placement Executive – Ms. Shambhavi Thakur

Shambhavi Thakur completed her B.A. LL.B from Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University in 2021. She is deeply inclined towards research and writing. Her academic interests include Environmental Law, Human Rights Law, Constitutional Law, and Child Rights Laws. All these interests find a place in her work, co-curricular activities, and research output. She is presently engaged as a Research Associate and Placement Executive at IFIM Law School. 

Research Incubation

For a law student being adept in legal research is very vital. Whether a student wants to join the judiciary, litigation or work in corporates and law firms, he/she needs to be well equipped with the techniques of how to tackle a legal problem and find the most equitable solution.

IFIM Law School understands the value of legal research and through our novel and unique initiative, the Research Incubation programme, we teach our students how to conduct legal research, reading and writing in class from the first year itself.

The Research Incubation program inculcates in the students a culture of conducting research through a blend of theoretical classroom learning in the odd semesters and an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills by way of practical experiential learning during the even semesters.

The Research Incubation program which runs over three terms was set up to integrate the two stakeholders namely students and faculty to create a research ecosystem which can add academic value. IFIM Law School has a 6 credit RI course for the first three years of the BBA LLB program and a 4 credit RI course for the first two years of the 3 Year LLB program which has classroom learning and also constant supervision, monitoring and evaluation.

We start slowly by giving the students small research tasks, such as encouraging them to write in various legal blogs and journals, participate in paper presentations, being in the Editorial Board of our Law Review and blog or being associated with the various Research Centers of IFIM Law School as Research Assistants and then build the task up to complexity which culminates in the penultimate year coming out with a mandatory research paper under the guidance of a faculty member.