The migration of people from one place to another is not a new phenomenon. However, it has attracted much attention in the present time when the states have become more conscious about demarcating their borders and restricting non-citizens from permanent settlement in their country. In the absence of a global convention to tackle illegal migration, it has been left open for the states to frame their legal policy. In addition, in the last twenty years, the dimension of the complexities and challenges of the forcibly displaced people, migrants, and refugees have been significantly changed, which often get less priority in the discussion of protection and human rights of these people. Against this backdrop, an academic conference may open the door of critical discussions and debates on this topic to share knowledge and disseminate research findings.

IFM Law School of India and the Center for Peace Studies of North South University of Bangladesh will jointly organize a virtual conference in November 2021 where scholars will be invited to exchange and build knowledge on the above discussed topic.

Call for Papers

Research papers are invited from the academics, professionals, research scholars and students on the broad themes provided below. Sharing of findings of empirical research work is highly encouraged. The authors will have to submit an abstract of their research paper before the deadline. The selected abstracts need to be stretched further for completing them as full-fledged research papers to be submitted on or before the date mentioned.

Broad Themes for Paper Presentation

The Working of the Foreigners Tribunals

Economic Migrants

Forcibly Displaced People

Geopolitics and Migration

Border Studies and Migration

Impacts of Migration on Children

Climate Change and Migration

Migration and Human Rights

Migration and Citizenship Rights

Refugee Studies


Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s)

Conference Organizing Committee:

Aman Kumar,
Assistant Professor & Centre Head, Public International Law Centre,
IFIM Law School

Dr. Ishrat Zakia Sultana,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Political Science and Sociology, NSU, Bangladesh

Dr. Bulbul Ashraf Siddiqi,
Associate Professor and
Member Center for Peace Studies, NSU, Bangladesh

Guidelines for Abstract and Full paper submission

Rules & Regulations

  • 01 The submission is open to all academics, practitioners, research scholars and graduate and post graduate students registered in any recognized Institution/ College/ University;
  • 02 Co-authorship is permitted. There can be a maximum of two co-authors for one paper.
  • 03 An abstract should be written at the beginning, explaining the purpose of the paper.
  • 04 All the received articles/research papers are subject 
    to Plagiarism check.
  • 05 Paper should contain a disclaimer to the effect that 
    the submitted paper is original and is not published.
  • 06 Authors of selected abstracts shall be invited to present at the Seminar.
  • 07 Selected abstracts may be published in a Conference Proceeding.
  • 08 Selected papers will be published in an edited book by a globally renowned publisher.


  • 01 The main body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman font size 12, with 1.5 line spacing and footnotes in Arial size 10, with 1.0 line spacing. All headings must have uniform formatting.
  • 02 All papers should follow APA reference and citation.
  • 03 The first page of the manuscript should only contain the name of the paper followed by a 250-word abstract. The main body of the manuscript must begin from the second page onwards. The name, designation, e-mail and workplace address of the participant shall be mentioned in the body of the email only.
  • 04 The word limit of the full paper, including footnotes, should not exceed 5000 words. Endnotes are not accepted. Submissions should be made in MS Word format.
  • 05 The soft copy of both the abstract and research paper should be submitted.
  • 06 The papers selected by the Review Committee are allowed for paper presentation.

Important Dates

Abstract submission 31 August 2021
Intimation of acceptance of abstract 10 September 2021
Full paper submission 30 October, 2021
Conference Date 19-20 November 2021

Submission Procedure

Full Papers can be submitted via email to


The Conference will be conducted on ZOOM
E-certificates shall be provided to all participants and speakers.
For further details, please email at: