IFIM Law School

Corporate Affair And Outreach

IFIM Law School is based in Electronics City, Bangalore, where some of the top recruiters in the country are located. There is a saying in the world of legal academia: a law school is only as good as its alumni. With this in mind, the aim of IFIM Law School is to produce lawyers who are employable, socially responsible and can adapt to a wide variety of roles and responsibilities in their chosen sphere.

We have a dedicated internship and placement cell which is tasked with obtaining internships for our students’ and placing them with lawyers, law firms, in-house legal departments, public policy thank-tanks and NGOs in their final semester. As soon as our students arrive, they will have one on one meetings with faculty members as well as the internship and placement coordinator to chart out a career path for them. Each student will be assigned a faculty mentor, and once they are clear about what kind of lawyer they want to be, every effort is made to ensure that they are exposed to their chosen field through apprenticeships.

As per Bar Council of India norms, students have to undertake 20 weeks of internship during the BBA LLB course. There is an IFIM Law School Internship Cell (IC) functioning under the guidance of a faculty member to help the students find internships.

This Internship Cell (IC) is constituted in order to govern matters relating to internships for students of IFIM Law School and to ensure compliance with the rules, regulations and guidelines of the Institution. This policy of the IC is duly accepted and brought into action by the Principal, IFIM Law School on Aug 1 2016 and has been approved by the Executive council.

Some of the notable internships secured during July – Aug 2018 to Jan – Feb 2019

Corporate Law Firms:

  • Fox and Mandal – Kolkata & Bangalore
  • Juris Law Offices – New Delhi
  • Samvad Law Partners – Hyderabad
  • Solicis Lex – Mumbai
  • HSB Partners – Chennai
  • Purushottam Law Associates – Mysore
  • J Samuel & Partners – Bangalore

Chambers of Hon’ble Judges, High Court of Karnataka (Internships):

  • Hon’ble Justice Mr. Ashok G Nijagannavar
  • Hon’ble Justice Mr. B.A Patil
  • Hon’ble Justice K. Natarajan.

International Internships:

  • Hope (NGO) – Qatar
  • AJ Chambers (Law Firm) – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • SRM Law Firm, Indonesia
  • Musa Dudhia & Co – Zambia; S.N Sen & B.M Law Chambers – Zambia.
  • Jakarta health summer project 2018, Indonesia
  • Chibesakunda & co, Zambia
  • Meera Ali Al Jallaf Advocate & Legal Consultants, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • HOPE Foundation, Qatar
  • Classecon Roofing Africa Limited, Zambia

Research Centres:

  • Centre for Women & Law, Centre for Child & Law at NLSIU
  • Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy Bengaluru,

Corporate Internship:

  • Siemens – Mumbai, Kolkata;
  • Classecon Roofing Africa Limited, Zambia

Internship at NGO’s:

  • CRY – Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata
  • Help age India – Hyderabad, Mumbai
  • Mukta Foundation – Bangalore
  • Bhumi – Chennai, Pune, Delhi
  • Green Peace – Bangalore
  • Kalinga Kusum – Orissa
  • Smile Foundation – Chennai
  • HRLN – Bilaspur
  • PUCL – Jaipur
  • NFPR – Kerala

Few of the organizations where the IFIM Law School students interned are as follows

Sl.No. Organisation Place
1 Faith Foundation Bangalore
2 Samvad Partners Hyderabad
3 PUCL Delhi /Jaipur, Delhi /Jaipur
4 Siemens Delhi
5 CRY Kolkata
6 AIR Nagpur
7 National Forum For People's Right Kerala
8 FOX MANDAL Kolkata
9 Deepalya Delhi
10 Green Peace Bangalore
11 J.Hudson Samuel and Partners Bangalore
12 Vikas Bharathi Ranchi
13 Maya foundation Kolkata
14 Ashrayakruti Hyderabad
15 Help Age India Hyderabad
16 Samarthnam Bangalore
17 Divya Disha Hyderabad
18 Anbarivaanantham Madurai
19 Aman Vedika Hyderabad
20 Amnesty International Bangalore
21 Desire Bangalore
22 Vimochana Bangalore
23 Becoming I Foundation Hyderabad
24 Rotary club Coimbatore
25 BOSCO Bangalore
26 Eureka Stock & Share Broking Services Kolkata
27 Mahindra Finance Kolkata
28 ITAG Solutions Kolkata
29 Holla & Holla Associates Bangalore

National Internships

Law Firms

  • Juris Law Offices, New Delhi
  • Sampat Law Firm, Mumbai
  • Fox and Mandal, Bangalore
  • Fox and mandal, Kolkata
  • NDS Law Partners, Bangalore
  • Universal Legal, Chennai
  • Shilpa sharad & co, Bangalore
  • MKM legal solutions , Bangalore
  • Rajendra Desai law firm, Bangalore
  • Hemanth Associates, Bangalore
  • Mandgi Associates, Bangalore
  • Haranahalli law Partners LLP, Bangalore
  • Hasmath Pasha & Associates, Bangalore
  • Chakraborty law Asscoiates, Kolkota
  • Rab and rab associates, Dehradun
  • Samvad Partners, Hyderabad
  • J Hudsom Samuel & Partners, Bangalore
  • Samisti law firm, Hyderabad
  • Agama law partners’ Mumbai
  • Holla Associates, Bangalore
  • Irfana Nazeer Law Associates, Bangalore
  • Pramog Associates, Bangalore
  • Triumvirlaw firm, Bangalore
  • Om Sai Ram Associates, Chennai
  • Poddar Associates, Ranchi
  • Aequitas Law firm, Hyderabad
  • S.G law Plus, Assam
  • Attotnatus, Kolkota
  • Athena Law Associates, Law Firm Kolkata
  • Aravalli Law Associates, AP
  • RK Sinha & Co., Kolkota
  • O.P Khaitan & Co, New Delhi

Corporate & PSUs

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bangalore
  • Indian Oil Corporation, Mumbai
  • Coco Cola,
  • Siemens, Mumbai
  • Siemens, Kolkata
  • Xiaomi, Bangalore
  • Exide Co, Kolkata
  • Steel Authority of India Limited, West Bengal
  • SunvaI Research centre, Bangalore
  • propbuysell.in, Bangalore


  • Hon’ble Justice B A Patil, Judge High Court of Karnataka
  • Hon’ble Justice Mr. K Natarajan, Judge, High Court of Karnataka
  • Hon’ble Justice Ashok G Nijagannavar, Judge, High Court of Karnataka


  • Mr. Prabhuling. K. Navadgi, Additional Solicitor General of India, High Court of Karnataka
  • Mr. Lalit Kishore, Advocate General, Bihar High Court
  • Mr. Tara Nath Poojary, Mr. Vijay Kumar Patil
    Government Pleaders, High Court of Karnataka
  • Adv. Cheemalapati Srirama murthy & associates, Chennai
  • Advocate Prabhat Kumar, Ranchi
  • GKR Advocate, Hyderabad
  • Advocate P. Muthiah llangoo, Madurai
  • P Shivkumar associates, Hyderabad
  • Advocate Murugesan, Bangalore
  • Rohit Shorti and Associates, Bhopal
  • Advocate Mr. Sunil Manohar, Nagpur
  • Advocate Mr. Rajeev Jatwani, Faridabad
  • Advocate Ms. Poonam Mishra, Hyderabad
  • Mr. Seenappa . M, Shimoga
  • Advocate Suresh Kumar, Andhra Pradesh
  • Anand Sethi Law Associates, Kanpur
  • Advocate Shailendra Jogewar
  • Nadeem Murtaza Associates, Lucknow
  • Dr. Gopinath Shenoy, Advocate, Mumbai
  • AC Tiwari & Associates, Noida
  • CA Dharmendra Srivastava, Kanpur
  • Pramila Associates, Bangalore
  • Advocate Dinesh Kumar, Chennai

Commissions/ Research Centres

  • Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Bangalore
  • Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR), New Delhi
  • State Human Rights Commission, Chennai
  • State Human Rights Commission, Orissa
  • State Human Rights Commission, Chhattisgarh
  • Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy, Delhi
  • Centre for Women, National Law School of India University, Bangalore
  • Centre for Child, National Law School of India University, Bangalore
  • Centre for Consumer Laws, National Law School of India University, Bangalore
  • District Legal Services Authority, Bangalore
  • Bangalore Mediation Centre
  • All India Reporters (AIR), Nagpur
  • Vidhi Law Associates, Patna


  • Green Peace, Bangalore
  • World Wild Fund (WWF),
  • PUCL, Jaipur
  • PUCL, Delhi
  • CRY, Bangalore
  • CRY, Delhi
  • CRY, Kolkata
  • Amnesty International, Bangalore
  • Samarthanam, Bangalore
  • Smile Foundation, Bangalore
  • Help-Age India, Hyderabad
  • Desire Foundation, Bangalore
  • National Forum for People’s Rights, Kerala
  • Telangana social welfare residential educational institutions, Hyderabad
  • HRLN, Raipur
  • BOSCO, Bangalore
  • Faith Foundation, Bangalore
  • Vikas Bharathi, Ranchi
  • Maya Foundaiton, Kolkota
  • Ashrayakruti, Hyderabad
  • Divya Disha Foundation, Hyderabad
  • Anbarivaanantham, Madurai
  • Aman Vedika, Hyderabad
  • Deepalya, Delhi
  • Vimochana, Bangalore
  • Becoming I Foundation, Hyderabad
  • Rotary club, Coimbatore
  • Hindustan Scouts and Guides, Delhi
  • ORO Foundation, Delhi

Internship Chart

Student Internship Testimonials

Mr. Amogh,
Batch - 2016-2021
DLF, Delhi

"I, being in a startup law school, I didn’t feel lack of opportunities in terms of Moot Courts, Extra-curricular activities, etc. The faculty members of the school are highly experienced and qualified for teachings which make the lectures interactive and focused. The Library and classrooms are digitalized and one can follow-up the lectures from LMS if he/she missed it. The Centers of Excellence in school aimed at extensive research and opinion drafting on different legal aspects. The seminars and workshops by experienced professionals conducted by school provide in depth knowledge of the subject/topic. Apart from academics, the college is also very peculiar to extra-curricular activities including motivating the students and sending teams for participation in various college fest. Due to this, I won few accolades in fests that I participated. To give a practical touch to the course, College has Startup Law Clinic which aims to provide a common platform for students and entrepreneurs for helping in preliminary startup procedures and practices. Being one its member, I had worked with several startups and aided them in their initial legal procedures of incorporation. The Internship and placement cell, Moot court Society are a significant part of the college which continuously work for getting internships for the students and training and motivating in art of mooting respectively. I also got opportunity to participate in 2 international moot court competitions till I reached my 4th year. The PEP programs for student’s fitness and good health is one more step towards making up of professional lawyer. The IFIM Law School is the perfect blend of discipline and pedagogy which helps students to learn and grow exponentially."

Mr. P D Shivarama Krishna Reddy,
Batch - 2015-2020

"It’s been almost 5 years since I started pursuing my BBA LLB at IFIM Law School, Bangalore. When I look back at my journey at IFIM Law School, I feel extremely blessed and grateful. Coming from a conservative background, I always wanted to expose myself to different kind of challenges. IFIM Law School has surpassed my expectations in terms of challenging me time and again through various world class competitions. IFIM Law School has really helped me to gain invaluable exposure by encouraging me to take part in National Seminars, Workshops, Moot Courts etc.

At IFIM Law School, I was given various opportunities and impeccable guidance to improve myself personally and professionally. I credit my personal and professional development to Personality Enhancement program (PEP) at IFIM Law School.

Faculty at IFIM Law School ensures student friendly atmosphere where students are encouraged to clear any sorts of queries relating to the subject regardless of the time constraints. Research Centers headed by faculty members promote research culture among the students. I am extremely glad that I have been taught by eminent faculty members at IFIM Law School.

As per Bar Council of India (BCI) rules and Regulations, Law Students are instructed to intern in their summer and winter breaks. In many Law Schools, the onus is on the students to find internship at Reputed Law firms or Companies. But when it comes to IFIM Law School, there is a dedicated team of students with a faculty mentor working rigorously on Internships and Placements for the students. The value that quality internships add to a CV is immense. I interned at Child Rights and You (CRY)-Chennai, Clonect Solutions Pvt Ltd, Samvad Partners etc. Those Internships have really helped me to explore different areas of Law and to strengthen my mettle. I am delighted to know about the Internship offer I got from Infosys Limited. All thanks to the immense support of our Principal Ms. Shaguftha Anjum.

At the end of the day, everything boils down to the sense of satisfaction and Development. Now, as a final year student of BBA.LLB, I can feel that sense of satisfaction and development intrinsically. Within next 6 months, I see myself in a dignified position in an esteemed Organization.

Ms. Manju Shri. V,
5th year BBA LLB Student,
IFIM Law School
Xiaomi, Bangalore

"I was fortunate enough to pursue corporate internship under one of the leading players in smart devices industry. This internship under Legal Department gave me an insight in to the corporate world where time is money and efficiency is what makes you succeed at greater heights. Being a part of the core legal team, I was assigned to draft agreements, contract reviewing, research on trademarks and copyright infringement matters."

Ms. Bhanushree Tamhane,
4th year BBA LLB student,
IFIM Law School
Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs,

"Interning at the Registrar of Companies was as immense opportunity any BBA LLB student could ever have. As a legal trainee I got to learn the practical aspect of Company Law and how it is entirely different from its theoretical aspect. I also learnt drafting of legal documents such as show cause notices and prosecution documents which are of utmost importance in a law student’s career. Also, this internship taught me discipline, dedication and professionalism that are to be followed while working in a Central Government office. Having interned under the department of Ministry of Corporate Affairs made me realize that other than the stereotypical professional choices, there are other horizons that one could explore in the law career."

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