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Israel Palestine Dispute Public International Law Research Centre

The Public International Law Research Centre, IFIM Law School will be launched on August 21, 2021. The launch will begin with an Inaugural Address by Prof. Sreeram Chauliya. The address will be followed by a #PanelDiscussion on the theme of 'Israel Palestine Dispute'.

The Panel Discussion will have Dr Carola Lingaas, Associate Professor, VID Specialized University, Norway, who will be speaking on the topic 'The Crime against Humanity of Apartheid from South Africa to North Korea, Palestine and Myanmar'. Another Panelist, Aman, Associate Professor of Legal Practice, Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), India will be speaking on the topic 'Palestine: Exploring Parallels and Solidarities'. The third panellist is Dr Jeremie Bracka, Australian-Israeli human rights lawyer, Monash University, Australia who will be speaking on 'Transnational Justice and the Israel-Palestine Conflict'. The Discussion will be moderated by Aman Kumar, Assistant Professor, Chair, PILRC.

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