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IFIM Law School inks MoU with National Law School, Bangalore

FIM Law College has signed an MoU with National Law School of India, Bangalore to offer additional options to its students to broaden their horizon in Law.
The MoU focuses on the following areas:

  • Encouraging Joint Publications between the faculties of both institutes
  • Conducting Research Stay Programs for faculty members
  • Hosting of Joint events such as Moot Court Competitions and Executive training programs
  • Collaborating on joint clinical programs for law students
  • Sharing of resources between the institutes and conducting mentorship programs for the students

Sirish Tamvada, Dean, IFIM Law School said, “This MoU was signed to increase exposure and to ensure the enhancement of skills of the students studying at IFIM Law School. Collaborating with NLS is a big milestone for us in terms of growth of the college.” “A tie- up with a reputed institute such as IFIM only promises a fruitful future. A future with enterprising and upcoming lawyers. This MoU will benefit both parties and foster a greater relationship”, Prof. Nandimath, Registrar, NLS.

Sanjay Padode, Secretary, CDE (IFIM Institutions) further said, “This MoU reaffirms our mutual commitment to foster a better learning environment. We are one among the few private institutions that has tied up with such a prestigious Law College. Facilitating this tie up will help foster more dedicated law students.” The MoU between IFIM Law School and NLS acts as a bridge between collaboration among Law colleges.

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