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National Social Service (NSS) activities at IFIM Law School

8th Jan 2016

The IFIM law college recently commenced National Social Service program. The activities included in this program were- Swach Bharat Abhiyan, Health awareness (Dengue and Malaria), survey and awareness about government scheme’s and tree plantation. The team conducted a survey of a slum area in jigani near Nilladri Nagar Bangalore. The team enquired about existing chronic illnesses, especially dengue and malaria cases. Later after we got the tallies, the team informed them about how these illnesses develop and then further informed them about all the timely and adequate precautions that should be taken to prevent any further sufferings from these two chronic illnesses.

The team also carried out Swach Bharat Abhiyan activities, like cleaning up the litter, getting specific dumping areas there and also made them aware of appropriate waste disposal methods in order to have a healthy environment. As a team, including the slum occupants, we conducted tree plantations and also let them know about why tree plantation is so vital and necessary. Whilst in talks with the slum occupants, we introduced them to government schemes like Old Age and Women pensions, which are legal rights of every citizen of the country. Initially they seemed unaware of these rights, which proved to us the fact that there is lack of adequate legal knowledge existing in the ordinary masses of our society. This is one of our major objectives behind conducting NSS, to increase the level of legal knowledge in the masses of our society.

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