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Report – KSLU Legal-stone III Fest

13th May 2018

The students of IFIM Law School participated in the State Level Legal-stone III, students law festival organised by Karnataka State Law University. The motive was to ensure a professional development in law students in addition to imbibing our culture in them. The fest was attended by across 25 law colleges in Karnataka whose students participated in various competitions.

IFIM Law School students participated in Client Interviewing and Counselling competition which enriched the client interviewing skills in students and helped them gain a better understanding of the lawyer-client relationship. The students presented a paper on the need for educated representatives in our country in a seminar held on "Electoral Reforms" and also participated in the cultural events of the fest comprising of classical singing and group folk dance.


Group dance:
The first prize
was bagged by the IFM Law College team comprising of first year students Mr. Debraj Ghosh, Mr, Srinu Nagur, Mr. Sumukh Shastry, Mr. Ullas G and Ms. Swati Jha
Classical Singing-Solo:
The second prize
was bagged by Ms. Meghana R, first year student of IFIM Law School.

Our Experience:

The overall experience was very memorable. It was a great opportunity provided to us which enriched our knowledge in addition to participating in the cultural events. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to IFIM Law School for giving us this opportunity. Special thanks to Asst. Prof. Mrs. Shagufta Anjum for guiding and encouraging us in every step of the competition

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