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"Parents are our first teacher and teachers are our second parents"

Theafternoon of 19th October 2019 turned out to be a remarkable and inspiring Saturday for all of us at IFIM. It was immense pleasure and gratitude that we hosted honourable Justice Seetharaman Murthy, Judge of Andhra Pradesh HC and expert in Civil Law. In the two hours lecture Honourable Justice managed to break down every aspect of the Civil Procedural Code with masterful ease. The Justice had, for the convenience of his listeners relied on the analogy of describing every step in the process starting from the birth of the lawsuit till the execution of its decree.

Beginning with issuing of the legal notices, discussing the procedural aspect related to summons and sharing pertinent insights about the working of the courthouse, Honourable Justice made sure to share as much knowledge as he could. He further explained the intricate nuances prevalent in civil law such as difference between confession and admissions, framing of issues in civil matters, relevance of rules and orders as enshrined in the CPC. Toward the end the all most two hour lecture turned out to be more interactive as the judge was kind enough to entertain questions and clarify queries of the audience.

What began with the quotation of the famous saying that “Parents are our first teacher and teachers are our second parents” had ended with the audience left wanting for more such firsthand knowledge taught by renounced yet parent’ - like individuals.

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