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“Report ,Shihabudin Abdulkhader"

Corporate Affairs Outreach and Placement Committee organized a Guest Lecture on “Recent Trend on Labour Laws” on September 28, 2019Mr. Shihabudin Abdulkhader, Associate Director- Legal, IQVIAgraced the session as Guest speaker for the day. He interacted with the students about how labour law is important to create a healthy work environment as well as how every employee is an asset in a company. 

Labour Law mediates the relationship between workers, employers, trade unions and the government. It seeks to regulate the relations between an employer and and their employees. The reach of this law is so wide that it touches the lives of far more people. 

He then, gave the students a brief history on how labour law came into existence in the world. Labour law came into existence in Britain in 1802. After this, he also shared the information about how labour has been evolving in our country since the first labour law, The Bengal Resolution VII came into existence in the 19th Century. In the interwar years, that is, between 1919 and 1939, some essential legislation for the protection of labour was introduced.

 Further, there was also a discussion about the different laws that exist in India regarding employees’ health, safety, social security and financial security.

Then, he spoke about the various classifications of the labour laws including service conditions, social security, wages, gender equality and the different cases that brought significant changes in the labour laws of India.

Further, he has given an insight of the entire corporate environment. It could be concluded by saying that the whole lecture was very informative and interactive.

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