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IFIM Law School Start-up Clinic – ITACB session on “The Legal Checklist for your Big Idea”

Bengaluru, 19th November, 2019

IFIM Law School Start-up Clinic was invited to conduct a session at a meeting of the IIT Alumni Centre Bengaluru (ITACB), at the Bangalore International Centre(Domlur). The objective of the session, entitled “The Legal Checklist for your Big Idea”, was to de-mystify the various laws and regulations that apply to start-ups and alert them as to the various possible safeguards and solutions that were to be taken into consideration when setting up a new venture. Several founders and potential founders of the start-ups attended the lecture. The one and a half hour long, interactive session involved questions from founders of various new start-ups who were curious of the consequences of these laws and regulations on the law schools. A lot of issues were covered including the importance of founder’s agreement, issues related to taxation liability, labour laws etc.

The participants of the sessions were informed of the formation of the IFIM Law School Start-up Clinic and the upcoming workshop that is envisaged under its aegis.

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