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Research and Publication: The IFIM Law School Way.

At IFIM Law School we believe in nurturing the spirit of research in our students. From the moment a student steps into our portals we work with them to hone their research and drafting skills through our tailor-made Research Incubation program. Research is a critical component of legal education as it nurtures the spirit of enquiry and expands the knowledge base. Through research students find the lacunae and issues in the law and suggest suitable solutions for the same.

Mr. Arpeet Biswas, 4th year, BBA. LLB found one such lacunae – Indian Laws do not have sufficient provisions to prevent industrial espionage. This started his painstaking journey towards identifying and contrasting Indian Laws with the laws of other countries which have provisions related to Industrial/Corporate Espionage. After intense research and drafting, we are proud to announce, that his article “A Need for Robust Industrial Espionage Laws”, was published in the Journal for Law Students and Researchers.

When asked as to what started him on this topic Arpeet said “I was doing research on one article when I was struck by this idea and started doing research in this area.”

In IFIM Law School we provide not just the facilities to conduct research, but we also provide guidance and mentorship when they conduct research. Students are taken on as “Research Assistants” for professors who are conducting some research of their own. The Research Incubation program has one aim, that every student of IFIM Law School should have some publications in reputed journals before they begin their legal career.

Name of the Author: Arpeet Biswas, 4th Year BBA.LLB(2016-2021)
Reg. No: 44916301005.
Details of Publication: VOL 1, ISSUE 3, MAY 2020. ISSN(O): 2582-306X

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